Gnome Team

Our history

If you are a person of exquisite taste, practical, elegant and with tons of sense of humor, you have come to the right place. Here you have everything you need for contemporary survival: from a ring to a bookcase, from plants to fans. Yes, all very eclectic. But very selective! Our passion drives us to search every corner until we find that object that makes your eyes turn to little hearts.

Gnomo was the fruit of mature reflection. A mature reflection of being on the phone for a while. But a long time, though. Several hours. That there was still no WhatsApp then and we talked a lot on the phone.

Founded by the bride and groom team Esther Martín and Álvaro Zarzuela , Gnomo opened in 2010 and we have been growing little by little since then. A few years later Sarah Laveda joined with all her energy. We are a small team but we had a very, very good time. And we keep getting more and more excited about what we do.

Gnomo is a small family business, a new business but like those of a lifetime. We have only one store in our neighborhood, Ruzafa , in the center of Valencia, from where we send orders all over the world and we also serve you in person.

Come see us! We look forward to seeing you!

📍 Calle Cuba 32 #Ruzafa #Valencia ⠀
☎ 963 737 267⠀
🕘  10-14 / 17-21 h.
🗓 From Monday to Saturday.


We are a team



Esther Martín

@ viudadealeman

Sort everything chronologically or alphabetically.

Stand out in Gnomo by:
Team organizer.

Billing expert and financial juggler.

Selector of the most essential items.

Being talked to while brushing his teeth.

Bad translations.

Waking up laughing out loud.
Discovering flavors.


Álvaro Zarzuela in Gnomo

Álvaro Zarzuela


Remember random data about the most unexpected topics at the most unnecessary moments.

Stand out in Gnomo for:
Great trend tracker.
There is no social network that can resist it.
Gardener of love.

New buildings that look old.
iMac mouse underneath charger.

Prime numbers.


Sarah Laveda gnome team redpaper

Sarah Laveda


She is able to jump VERY high with her legs together.

Stands out in Gnomo for:
Compulsive content generator.
Love writer: write the best texts about anything she's passionate about.
Willing to do a handstand or whatever it takes to get a good photo.

Make transfers.
Hate things.

Wes Anderson symmetrical compositions.
Her dog Calcetines.



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